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"A soulful rush of addictive songs that will keep you coming back for more. 'Restless Storm' has a life of it's own. You won't regret rock'n it out to this album for many years to come." - Sarah Ferguson 106.9 X-FM

"Wow, great production on this recording! This is a stellar CD!" - Derek Bradshaw, CKCU FM Ottawa

"I like it a lot . . . he flanks a lovely, sensitive acoustic piece like 'Ramble & Restrain' with a good cruncher (Demon's War) and another cruncher (Blood in Burma)" - James Reaney, London Free Press » more

"Jeff Redinger is definitely passionate about his music and his new album. If you like classic rock and catchy riffs, then you will like "Bound & Blazed." - Theresa Leslie, Producer, The Rock 95.1/100.7FM

"...the interplay between guitar and bass work very much in the mold of Clapton/Bruce... if you like your guitars electric and your sound a little on the heavy side, tracks like 'Tombstone' and 'Friday Night' should do the trick." - Dave Clarke, Scene Magazine » more

"Cool, hip shaking stuff that will move you. Radio friendly at the same time, this is plain ole rock & roll that should be played a lot this Summer. Simple production adds flavor to final product. Four stars out of five." - Vasja Ivanovski, 94.1 FM Macedonia

Summer Blast

"REDINGER was a big hit with last year's audience (opening for The Trews) - so much so that we had to ask the band to return to the Summer Blast stage this year (opening for David Wilcox). Local, talented and dynamic - REDINGER is a must-see." - Summer Blast

Bound & Blazed Nominated for Album of the Year

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